Creating an Exciting Table Montage in Your Foyer

When you have space for a table in your foyer, you should celebrate it by creating an eye-catching table montage on top. The foyer greets your guests and makes a first impression about your home. Creating an exciting table montage is a welcoming way to inspire conversation and admiration.

What exactly is a montage anyway? Formally defined, a montage is an art form that consists of a number of smaller items put together. There are a variety of items you can use to create your foyer table montage that will reflect your unique tastes and preferences to people as soon as they enter your home.

When choosing items to create a table arrangement, consider the size of the foyer and the table and make sure they fit the space properly. Choose colors that compliment the colors used in the foyer and throughout the rest of your home.

A popular montage used on foyer tables are several beautiful frames filled with photos of family members and special moments. This ode to your life is a great way to greet folks who enter your home and helps people get to know you better. Another way to fill attractive frames is to put your favorite artwork into each of them. Try choosing unique frames made from ceramic or antique metal finishes to offset the artwork; antique sterling and silver plated photo frames also make an eye catching montage.

Consider creating a foyer table montage with assorted sizes of candles or candlesticks. A group of scented votive candles in various sizes is a pleasant-smelling way to invite guests into your home, especially when they are flickering at night. Silver candlesticks in different sizes add an elegant touch to your foyer table. For a country feel, you can use candle lamps in a variety of sizes and designs. Placing candles in glass bowls on your foyer table is affordable and yet distinctive. Simply place a candle in a glass bowl and fill the bowl with colorful marbles, seashells or rocks for a natural, dynamic look.

Another table montage with natural appeal is a bunch colorful pots or planters in different sizes with plants or silk flowers. If you have a green thumb, this is the ideal way to introduce people to your hobby and your home when they come in and if you don't, carefully chosen silk flowers are an appealing substitute. Just make certain that if you use real flowers and plants that your foyer has enough natural sunlight to promote healthy growth.

My personal foyer table montage is created in honor of each season. During the spring, I put out figurines of bunnies and small wooden birdhouses I painted by hand. When the summer comes, I create candle bowls with sea shells and beige rocks. For the fall, I usually put out miniature pumpkins and squirrel figures. Finally, during the winter I put out snow globes in different sizes or my angel collection, depending on the time of the season.

An exciting table montage in your foyer is an inviting way to add life to your home. There are no hard and fast rules in creating a wonderful display; just be sure to use similar items so the tabletop looks well put together and don’t overdo it – remember that with interior design, less is usually more.