Seasonal Decorating with Slipcovers and Wall Baskets

Getting a whole new look for a room doesn’t always have to mean repainting the walls, replacing the flooring, or buying a brand new set of furniture. It’s much easier to transform the interior look of a room by changing out a few key items to give it a fresh new look without draining your bank account. Changing your décor seasonally can give a room an instant lift without spending too much money or exerting too much effort. Try matching the room to the season by using floral patterns in the spring, pastels in the summer, plaids in the fall, or blues and whites in the winter.

Keep it Simple

Tired of looking at that same old sofa and chair year after year? Instead of getting new furniture, why not invest in one or two slipcovers and maybe some African wall baskets to give your room an instant makeover? You’ll be amazed how different a room will look with new slipcovers. You can choose one or two solid colors as a base to add patterned throw pillows to or you can choose a specific patterned slipcover that will go well with your room’s main color scheme. It’s all up to you!

You’ll probably need to change out your drapes or curtains to match the slipcovers, so consider purchasing them at the same time so the patterns or color palette will match. However, slipcovers and drapes don’t always have to match, so get creative by mixing complimentary colors and patterns for a fresh new look. In the warmer months you can hang lighter sheers or a simple valance and in the colder months thicker, heavier drapes.

Adding some new pillows, a comfortable throw, wall baskets, and a few accessories will pull the whole look together. You probably have some knick-knacks stored away that you haven’t used in a while, so consider bringing these out and using them when changing out your looks. This way you won’t get bored with the same old accessories and you can enjoy some of your old favorites throughout different times of the year.

Easy Seasonal Décor

If you want a new fresh, seasonal look for your bedroom, invest in a couple of duvet covers of different colors or styles. Duvet covers are inexpensive and can be used over your existing comforter or blanket. They’re also much easier to clean, a good selling point if you have pets or small children. You should also have a variety of sheets to go with the seasons. In the warmer months you can use light cotton fabrics in bright colors and in the colder months cozy up in some warm flannel sheets. You can also change out the bedroom curtains, throw rugs, and artwork to unify the whole look for the season.

Your bathroom can undergo a seasonal makeover too. Consider changing out the towels, floor mats, wall art, and even your toothbrush holder, soap dish, and cup. These simple little changes can have a surprisingly dramatic effect and give your eyes (and your home visitors) something new to look at and keep you from getting bored with your usual decorating scheme.