Garlic Gourd Basket | 16" Woven Vase | Bolga Gourd | Bulawayo Gourd

Garlic Gourd Basket | 16" Woven Vase | Bolga Gourd | Bulawayo Gourd

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The Garlic gourd baskets from Africa are all made by hand and are unique and one of a kind, please note that variances and artistic inputs are encouraged and no two baskets are alike. These are not viewed as flaws or mistakes, rather part of the natural life and beauty of ilala palms. 

We believe the use of organic materials and hand-crafted features result in the evidence to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature. The plant material used is not endangered and encourage weavers to practice sustainable harvesting methods.

These remarkable organic uniquely shaped baskets from Africa are creatively woven by talented women in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Each piece is unique in shape, size and character. Successful publicizing of these pieces has made sure that these traditional skills are not lost.

The Ndebele women of have passed down the knowledge of weaving Garlic gourd baskets from generation to generation and use it as a main source of income which empowers them and allows them to earn a sustainable livelihood.

Please note that many of our handmade items are one of a kind, perfectly imperfect which we believe adds to the core value and magnificence of the items. No two items are exactly the same. As a result, our website photos are a close representation of the items available, but may not be identical to the ones you receive. The Garlic Gourds are woven by a community Ndebele women weavers in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.